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I’m still alive

I’m still alive and I still support you guys. I haven’t really been here because I have been working on other servers and just been plain enjoying myself. I made a signature awhile back when I still had an artist stump and stumbled along with this.

It’s pretty horrid with just a mush of fractals and brushes which a lot of signatures I see on Fame are like that but somehow they look good. So after my long slump, I got struck by lightning(figuratively) and created this:

I kind of cheated myself on this signature because even though it looks really good, I put a lot less effort than I did in the above image. I took two background images and used one as an overlay/soft light or normal with low opacity or something like that. It just seemed to click well so I placed a fer minor brushes, added the render, then slapped on the text.

A few days later I decided to try my luck again and it was better than before but I honestly still felt I cheated myself.

Even though I made this one really well I didn’t do much. I slapped on a background image with the circles. Next, I used a large brush for the piano sheet stamp. I rendered the Kagamine Rin image which wasn’t exactly rendered the best so I used a small outer glow to hide most of the abnormalities. Then I slapped on a small cleft brush on the top left. Lastly, I placed the text. I never was good at making the text easy to read or making it match the signature. Maybe I should of stroked it but if I did that to the “Aichi” one, it wouldn’t look right.

I don’t expect to make another blog post anytime soon because I’m getting sick of Fame and pretty much left. However, I just feel bad leaving the guys who actually made me feel like I meant something instead of free labor or some guy I can use for personal benefits. And I still don’t know if I really want to proceed to visual arts because I plan to major in Computer Science when I get into college. Comments?

PS: Wish me a happy birthday on the 20th pl0x.

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