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Artist Alliance scrapbook project (2)

after exams i’ll begin this wonderous project so look out for some awesome fun times in june! can i please ask everyone who wishes to take part in this project to sign up to this blog/facebook page rss feed so i could inform ya all about the juicy updates and drafts, links to inspirations for your pages within the scrap book, etc.

i’d really appreciate all your help and support for this as you know jobs, families and other priorities do have a funny way of stretching your multi-tasking abilities to the limit, so please i will need help with this, and ofcourse you’ll be credited for it ❤

why is this place dead? no its in hybernation – exams are coming up, so i wish you all a pleasant revision period and the best of luck for your exams ahead 😀


Artist Alliance scrapbook project

so aeryn came to me with this brilliant idea to make a scrapbook of our current work and group it together! i have to admit, its going to take a while, but i’d really appreciate all your thoughts and suggestions regarding this…

The Book itself will have:

  • 970×1400 pages [This is the standard size of any managa scans you might read o;]
  • A front cover and contents page.
  • A credits page at the back, which would be a collaborative effort from everyone who participated [Basically everyone can sign their name or draw something on this page.]

I was going to inculde a back page, but I felt it wasn’t nessasary.

The Book could contain:

  • Artist pages for those who sign-up and participate!

    Let me go into more detail about this.
    Initially, I’m going to aim for as many artists as I can to participate in this. After sign-ups are over, and we have our final draft of idea’s for the book, I want to hold a competition for the top 5 artists in Fame. The people who hold one of those spots will have ONE WHOLE PAGE to use as their Artist page. The rest of the contributors will share half a page with another artist.

    Artist Pages can contain anything. Other then your standard-type biography, you can design it how you want, say what you want on it. For example, mine would include a small bio, the things I love and a few shout-outs to people. I’d also include what forum groups I’m in.

  • Pages for Forum Groups.

    This one is a litte similar. If you guys like this idea, I want to approach a few Leaders/Key figures of Forum groups on Fame, and work with them to put together a page to represent their group in the book. It would include standard information like the groups name, founder, founding date and description of the group. On the page it can list the members, and messages from the members. I need some more Idea’s for this.

  • Highlights of Fame!

    This would contain informtion about the bests threads, video’s/music posted on fame, fame memes, etc. I also need some more idea’s on this one.

  • 2 Page-spread for Tutorials.
  • About Page.
  • .pdf of Final book will be produced.

if you wanna participate then please feel free to leave a comment here or visit the fame forums thread here:

WordPress SNOW

i’m impressed, it looks great!

i’ve added extras to the blog, including an email subscription & twitter widget to make updates more efficient. also, the same twitter updates are also linked to the facebook page. i’m still trying to work out how to encorporate that into facebook groups.. if its at all.. possible 😦

enjoy the artist alliance whichever way you browse it :3

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Flickr is ready for take off!

hey guys i’ve updated the website with flickr image gallery – this means you can display your protfolio, artwork and discuss it in the blog/flickr group. Read more…

Hello world!

08/09/2009 1 comment

About The Artist Alliance
The artist alliance is a public forum group for the artists of fame to get advice, share ideas and discuss anything and everything related to design and creativity.
By joining this group you are hereby known as a fully-fledged artist. Whether you make signatures or avatars or even develop in-game content – by joining this group you accept the awesome alliance power to dominate the art section!
Its not just a group with common interest, its a unity of creative minds that wish to contribute their ideas and find ways to make it happen!

Current events include:

  • Signature of the week contests (weekly – win 2cs points, begins every monday)
  • FlyForFame Fan pack contest <NEW!>
  • The Artist Alliance Logo Contest <still needz that wonderful logo>

Stay tuned for more forum contests & prizes! Thanks for reading :3