Please familiarise yourself with the rules here:

  • No Spam :3
  • Please only talk about Signatures, Photoshop/Computer Art, Drawing
  • Flaming will not be tolerated.
  • Only provide Criticism if the person asks to do so; if they don’t. Then say everything you like, if you don’t like anything don’t post at all!
  • DO NOT. Steal other people art work.
  • Give Credit to whom ever you quote from.
  • General forum rules also apply here.

Subjects that belong here include:

  • Tutorials & resources related to art
  • Signature & avatar shops
  • Graphic request threads
  • Art-related help & advice

Rules regarding Signatures:

  • You are not permitted more than 10 lines of size 2 text or 20 lines of size 1 text.
  • Do not use images with large text to bypass the previous item
  • For images in signatures: Images cannot be larger than 300 pixels high, by 600 wide.
  • If more than one image is used, the combined image dimensions should not be greater than 300×600.
  • No nudity or racial slurs.
  • Nothing hard on the eyes or disgusting to the public.

Requesting signatures & graphics – please provide the following information in your request thread:

  • Text: Try to make it short and sweet ?
  • Size: It can be towards the artists discretion.
  • Colours: You can put in the colors you like, but some might not be able to include it in the sig.
  • Themes: Nothing much to discuss over that
  • Images to use: Try to give clear images, avoid using bad quality ones, since most of us can’t work with those. Some like to work with pre-rendered images from Planet-Renders, so you can look it up over there first. And it must be following the forum rules absolutely.
  • Where do you plan to use the artwork: Can’t discuss with this either
  • Any additional information/ prize for the best signature, etc..: It isn’t much mandatory, but it is greatly appreciated to compensate the people’s work.

Useful Tutorials & Resources list
The Resource Garage – s0ggywaffls
CheerioZ’s GFX Resources Guide – filozophik
Light Bursts Design Tutorial Video – IGoVroom

[will be updated with more stuff soon…]

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