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08/09/2009 1 comment

About The Artist Alliance
The artist alliance is a public forum group for the artists of fame to get advice, share ideas and discuss anything and everything related to design and creativity.
By joining this group you are hereby known as a fully-fledged artist. Whether you make signatures or avatars or even develop in-game content – by joining this group you accept the awesome alliance power to dominate the art section!
Its not just a group with common interest, its a unity of creative minds that wish to contribute their ideas and find ways to make it happen!

Current events include:

  • Signature of the week contests (weekly – win 2cs points, begins every monday)
  • FlyForFame Fan pack contest <NEW!>
  • The Artist Alliance Logo Contest <still needz that wonderful logo>

Stay tuned for more forum contests & prizes! Thanks for reading :3